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Me and My Stash

Hi everybody, welcome to my blog on nail polish.  

I started writing this blog in Jan 2011 and it's mostly about beauty, skincare and shopping.  By the end of 2011, I have a major addiction with nail polish and started collecting them like crazy.  So naturally, this space became more of a nail blog.   

I began with less than a hundred bottles of polish and it's over 500 at the moment, haphazardly thrown in my 2 Helmers. I enjoy swatching and taking photos of them.  I also like to do layering experiment, especially with glitters.  Unfortunately, I am not particularly good at nail art like stamping, though I would love to practise more. Lately I developed a keen interest in frankening. So more frankens to share in future! 

If you are curious about my stash (I always do), just click here to see my collection in excel. 

Hope you guys enjoy and like the photos I take.  Leave a comment if you have time, I'd love to hear what you say and really appreciate it ^^

(last update: 27 May 2012)