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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

W.I.P. Moondust from Urban Outfitters

Today I will show you some swatches of a very interesting, unique, fun and edgy nail polish - Moondust from W.I.P (Urban Outfitters).  Though I do not think this brand is mainstream at all, it certainly is no an indie brand either.  So I was pleasantly surprised to find some indie elements in this nail polish. 

Moondust has lots of medium sized black glitters suspended in a shiny silver base.

I applied two coats with touch-ups to areas where needed.  One stroke can catch up quite a lot of glitters but it needs some poking around.  Pictures taken with a glossy top coat.

If you look hard enough, you can still find some bald spots.  I think it's better to layer it over a silver base to saves some time in application.

Moondust reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream.  What do you think?

I purchased Moondust from Urban Outfitters which retails at £6 a bottle or £15 for 3.
Weird, I just checked their website and this particular shade was sold out! I grabbed this from their store just a week ago. I couldn't help but wonder, did I get myself a gem?


  1. Looks really nice and unique

  2. Really pretty! I think it's perfectly named too!

  3. Gorgeous!! I would say that you definitely got a gem!! :D I love how unique this is, the name, and how it actually DOES remind me of the moon!

  4. It looks very very pretty! Love it!

  5. Interesting combination, I've not seen it before! Wouldn't have thought to use black glitter. It does seem it would be easier to apply and you'd get slightly better results with a silver base underneath. I like the polish though, and as always, your swatches are flawless :)

  6. That is interesting and gorgeous!!

  7. It does look like cookies and cream! The thought of a metallic base + glitter doesn't work in my head but this polish proved me wrong haha. It's really unique, I've definitely been underestimating the polish at Urban Outfitters!

  8. Wow this is such a pretty combination of glitter! Great swatch too =)