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Monday, 11 June 2012

Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection Swatches & Comparison (Pic Heavy!)

Today I am sharing with you swatches of the Essie Summer 2012 Bikini So Teeny Collection swatches as well as some comparisons that I can find from my stash. 

Off The Shoulder  
Bright medium pink.  This one has excellent formula, richly pigmented and applied smoothly.  Two coats gave you a very saturated and vivid colour.  It looks way better on nails than in the bottle.  

I do not have that many hot pinks in my stash, the closest I can find are Zoya Lara and Deborah Lippmann Pop Life

I think Lara is more fuchsia pink while Pop Life looks a close match to Off The Shoulder. 

Zoya Lara - Essie Off The Shoulder - Deborah Lippmann Pop Life

Cascade Cool
A light pastel pink creme.  Rather disappointing formula. It's streaky and runny.  I have to apply 3 coats to get a even saturated colour.  Besides, I don't think this shade compliments my skin tone at all!

Comparison pic. Kiko 314 turns out to be completely different from Cascade Cool.  Zoya Shelby is more warm toned.  Nfu Oh Jelly Series 11 looks quite similar but a tad lighter.  (I have 4 coats of Nfu Oh JS11 in my pic.)

Kiko 314 - Nfu Oh JS11 - Essie Cascade Cool - Zoya Shelby

All Tied Up
Rosy bronze with a gold shimmer.  Formula for this shade is spot on, highly pigmented and applied like a dream in 2 coats.  However, this colour is not very summery for me.  I think it's more of a fall colour. 

When I first saw All Tied Up, I immediately thought of OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes from their Holland Collection.  It turns out GGTS is less rosy.  Essie All Tied up has a much more prominent golden shimmer and comparatively more pigmented.

Fear Or Desire
This is one hot orange and it surprised me the most out of the bunch.  It's a bright and eye-popping colour which you can't imagine just looking at the bottle.  However, its formula is rather sheer.  It looks flat on the bottle but comes to life after 3 coats.  It also dries a shade darker than it appears on the bottle.  

Models Own Beach Party (from Hed Kandi Collection) and China Glaze Orange You Hot? (from 2012 Summer Neons collection) are completely different.  The closet match is Zoya Arizona but still, it's much less vibrant compared to Fear Or Desire. 

Models Own Beach Party - Zoya Arizona - Essie Fear Or Desire - China Glaze Orange You Hot?

Bikini So Teeny
Soft periwinkle blue with a very subtle silver shimmer.  Horrible formula.  It's so sheer that bald spots, dragging and pooling occurred all at the same time.  It needs at least 3 coats to get a decent even finish.  Despite this unfortunate shortcoming,  the colour is quite nice. 

No comparable shades in my stash.  Nails Inc for Instyle Bluebell is quite close but it's more lavender toned while Bikini So Teeny is more blue leaning. 

Mojito Madness
Bright green creme.  Formula is quite nice, highly pigmented and opaque in two coats.  No problems with dragging or bald spots at all.  For this eye-popping green, I really cannot find any comparable shades in my stash!!  So it's unique to me ^^

So what's your verdict for this collection? 

My favourites are Fear Or Desire, Off The Shoulder & Mojito Madness.

I purchased this collection from TransDesign.  They offer excellent customer service and best of all, speedy shipping.  My package arrived in about a week's time and I can squeeze up to 11 bottles in their small flat rate box!


  1. Great collection and very pretty shades. I really love that you also did a comparison. Great post!

  2. lovely swatches! i like cascade cool and bikini so teeny, even though you had trouble with those formulas :x

    1. I like the colour of bikini so teeny too, coz I don't have any dupes in my stash. Yes, too bad that I have problems with its formula :p

  3. Actually, All Tied Up is my fave of the bunch. Ideal both for the summer or early autumn, imo.

  4. No off they really grab me but I love the fact you compared them to other polishes. That was really helpful!

  5. Great swatches and comparisons. I had to buy Bikini so Teeny just because of the name LOL

  6. Great comparisons! I thought of Gouda Gouda Two Shoes as well when I saw All Tied Up - but yeah, it's quite different.

  7. Awesome swatches! I love Mojito Madness!!!

  8. I am so jealous of your photography skills >.< These are all pretty but I agree, All Tied Up feels more fall to me too.

  9. Great swatches!
    I really love the colours of this collection.x

  10. WOAH what an orange! I actually really like Mojito Madness, even though I'm not usually big on brighter greens ... Thanks for sharing!

  11. Very pretty shades. Thanks for the comparisons too.
    Mojito Madness is probably the one I will be getting.

  12. 11 polishes in a flat rate box huh? I'm intrigued to find out what other 5 polishes you bought :-) BTW how much is the flat rate box, never ordered from TransDesign before?

    1. The remaining polishes were just some oldies ;) and flat rate box is about $23. But to justify the cost, I did buy more than I want every time I place an order x.x

  13. Oh, Mojito Madness is lovely! Really like that. Not a massive fan of bright pinks but Off The Shoulder is really eye catching. Great blog :) x

  14. Love comparison swatches! Really nice job.

  15. I love your swatches :) The comparison swatches are also really helpful :)
    I want Mojito Madness, All tied Up and Fear or Desire :D
    I live in Finland and we do not get all of the Essie collections over here but I saw that this collection is on its way here :)
    Oh a question.. the Fear of Desire color.. is it similar to Bazooka and Action from Essie? :) I wanted those polishes, especially the Action one, but they were not released here in Finland.. at least not where I live :)
    Im a new subscriber btw... you have such a lovely blog :)

    1. First of all, thank you for subscribing! xx
      I wish I could answer you question! I want to get the poppy-razzi collection as well, but all shades were sold out when I placed my order with TD, so I wouldn't know how they compared with fear or desire!! sorry about that :(

  16. The whole collection is so amazing! WANT!

  17. OMG! BIKINI SO TEENY!!! i think i am in LLOOOVVVEEE!! I also really like cascade cool and off the shoulder!

  18. I think Mojito Madness is such an unique color too. I've never seen a nailpolish of that color before.
    Suprisingly I also like All Tied Up. Brownish red is probably the only color I dislike when it comes to nailpolish but All Tied Up looks nicely soft and warm. I love the golden shimmer in it. All Tied Up is probably the only brownish red I've ever liked. But I agree with you, there's nothing summery about it. :D

    Thanks for the great swatches!

  19. I love Mojito Madness on you! I did my boyfriend's nails like that for St. Paddy's day.. Do you use a special topcoat because it looks "better" on your nails than on other swatches I've seen.

    1. Thanks Stacey! No special top coat, just the usual Seche Vite :-)

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  23. Two coats gave you a very saturated and vivid colour. It looks way better on nails than in the bottle. My Bikini Belly program