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Monday, 13 February 2012

Ciate Jewel Swatches & Review

Just awhile ago, I saw this post by The PolishAholic, which mentioned that Adele was wearing Ciate Paint Pots in Jewel on Grammy Award night, and I thought to myself... wait a minute, I have this exact same shade in my stash! 

I bought Ciate Jewel a few months ago but haven't had the chance to wear it yet.  I have swatched it on nail wheel as well as trying some layering experiment but gave up at the end as my bottle was fiercely THICK which made it extremely difficult to work with.  Ciate Jewel has a sheer purple base densely packed with holographic bar glitter. Because the formula was so thick, the bar glitter simply clumped together and made it quite weird looking.  I thought it was too much troubled putting it on and just let it sit in my helmer. 

With Adele wearing it on Grammy, my curiosity has just been reignited and I am giving it a second chance. Before using it, I have given it a few generous squeeze of Seche Vite Restore and I think it now works like magic. So let's see the swatches. (Sorry ladies, I used nail wheel for the swatches as I just have my Valentine's mani done ^^) EDIT: You may now find swatches on real nails (my nails) here!!

First up is bottle shot. 

Left: 1 coat of Jewel
Right: 3 coats of Jewel

I used Zoya Caitlin (smoky purple creme) and OPI Lady In Black (simple black creme) as the base for the left and right nail respectively.  One coat of Ciate Jewel on each.   

Three coats of Ciate Jewel below.  

Blurred to show the holo effect. 

My Verdict: 
  • Jewel became so much easier to work with after thinning.  Maybe it's just my bottle with this issue. 
  • Under magnification, the nail looks 'hairy' attributed to the rather long bar glitter, which may not be everybody's cup of tea.  But looking from afar, you'll only see a very intense scattered holo rainbow.
  • My preference is certainly to layer it over a similar color base.  Zoya Caitlin, being a smoky grey purple is an excellent match. 
So what's your take? Let me know, I am really interested, especially for this polish!!


  1. Oooh so pretty!! I love the bar glitter finish but I can see how it can look "hairy" lol. Man I wish these were easily available in the states. Great swatching!

  2. It looks furry! :) I agree, the purple is a lovely match. Your swatches are always photographed so clearly, really impressive.

  3. Ladies, thanks for your feedback and sweet comments. Happy Valentine's Day ^^

  4. I hope you don't mind but I was just swatching and reviewing this one for my own blog when I came across your pictures. I had to link to your post in my blog! Your pictures are INSANE!!!

    If you have an issue with it, please let me know and I will remove it!

    1. Don't be silly!! I am really flattered by your sweetest comments!
      Anyway, Jewel is an amazing polish, it's even better when you wear it and I bet you couldn't stop staring your nails all day!!

    2. Do you know where to get it in the US? I love it!!!

  5. for anyone who doesn't yet know, Ciate polishes - including Jewel - are now available @ not sure if any of the stores have it - i haven't been to mine recently to check - but online they now sell it for $15. they have free shipping promotions w/$25 purchase fairly often & i believe free shipping w/$50 purchase is standard for them (or very close to it). hope this helps!